Saturday, May 29, 2010

Shaken, Not Stirred

(via, Starlet Showcase)
Sorry for the cliche title, but I have a thing for martinis, so it seemed apropos.  I love 007 films, and of course that means that not only do I have a favorite Bond, (Connery, duh), but I have a couple of favorite Bond Girls.  First on the list is the lovely Claudine Auger, who played Domino in Thunderball.  She was the epitome of 60's sex-bomb in that film, and how great is that lace body suit à la current American Apparel?  In a close second is Jane Seymour, who played Solitaire in Live and Let Die.  She is such a natural beauty in this film, so much so that it almost helps me forget those dresses she wore in Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman. 
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