Sunday, August 15, 2010

Country Roads Take Me Home

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First, an apology. I have been a bad, baaaddddd blogger!  I originally said I would be out of town for just 8 days, but that 8 days turned into something more like 2.5 weeks!  After our whirlwind tour of the Olympic Peninsula I returned home only to find that it was time to move out of my college apartment in Bloomington, IN.  This very lengthy process took 3 days and was followed up with a trip to Indianapolis to help Sam move into his new house, where there was no internet :(.  So I was essentially without internet the entire 2.5 weeks, making it impossible to blog.  I'm sure you can just imagine the state of my Bloglovin' feed when I returned, it was so overwhelming that I was compelled to simply press "mark all as read" and be done with it.  Sooooo in short, I apologize for my extensive absence from the blogosphere, I am still madly in love with every single one of you and hope that you will not hold a grudge! 
This short collection of pictures all have one thing in common; upon first seeing them they all stirred up serious emotions and memories directly related to my lifelong romance with summer camps.  I attended various sleep-away camps for over 14 years, and had a very serious attachment to one such camp for over a decade.  Nothing can really sum up the impact camps had on me, but these photos do a pretty good job of embodying some of the best aspects of the experience.  How about a good camp fire with amazing friends?  Faux woodstock celebrations with tie dye, bohemian garments, and ridiculous dancing?  Arts and crafts and, of course, the ever so important counselor early night out featuring reckless driving down abandoned country roads?  To put it simply, perfection. 
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