Friday, August 20, 2010

Edible Luxury

Proenza Schouler
Alexander McQueen
Proenza Schouler
I remember when I was little I would always see those amazingly pink barbie cakes at the grocery store, and every time my birthday rolled around I would long for one of my own.  Back then, I didn't think they could get any better, but it seems I was terribly wrong.  Claire Thomas over at The Kitchy Kitchen has given the classic dolly cake a serious upgrade by creating her own couture versions!  It all started when her friend was having a Bachelorette party, and Claire made a doll cake that looked like the dress.  From then on out she has been creating these sartorial goodies for everyone from the girls at Who What Wear to the Rachel Zoe team.  You should definitely go check out her site, which is overflowing with super yummy recipes and great videos.  Oh and Sam and Dad, in regards to the last cake, oh no she didn't, OH YES SHE DID!
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