Thursday, November 4, 2010

I'd Travel The World With Your Hand In Mine

Guess who's baaaaaccckkkk?  That's right, we have finally {reluctantly} returned from our incredible European adventure!  I am SO excited to begin to share some of the photos with you all!  We didn't really take any outfit photos while there, as we didn't have the fancy camera and my wardrobe was incredibly limited, but I hope you guys still enjoy getting a peek into our vacation {right guys?  you all like to look at photos of other peoples' vacations...right...right?!}.  Hehe well these photos are just from Amsterdam, London, and Paris, but there will absolutely be more to come!  As you can see, the trip basically consisted of posing like HUGE dorks in front of important sites and eating really amazing food, {note the incredible vietnamese pho and orgasmic chocolate and coffee flavored french macaroons above, they were both religious food experiences}.

Thanks so so so SO much for hanging in there while I was on vacay {Harvard?! Like on vacay?! ROADTRIP!}.  I promise to never abandon you all ever again!   

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