Thursday, January 27, 2011

On Pointe

{via Vogue Russia February 2011}

I am of the opinion that if all fashion designers based their collections around ballet, theatre, or music, everything would just be prettier.  The ballerinas are getting A LOT of love right now from the fashion world, and rightfully so, as ballet is one of the most fashion conscious art forms out there.  The fashion world and the ballet world have so much in common that this seems like such a fluid, natural pairing.  Both are incredibly body conscious, requiring models and dancers alike to manipulate their bodies to portray a specific message.  Copious amounts of chiffon and satin, delicate details, these ballet inspired pieces are basically my bread and butter, so I am reveling in this editorial from Vogue Russia.  And with valentine's day approaching, these sweet silhouettes and fragile fabrics will cater perfectly to our sweetheart inspired outfits!  
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