Saturday, June 5, 2010

D*I*Y stud pocket shorts!

The studded pocket shorts/pants have been all over the blogosphere as of late, so I decided to do my first DIY in honor of this wildly popular trend!
You'll need:
an old pair of shorts or pants
a pair of scissors
studs (amount needed will vary depending on the size of the pocket, but I ended up only using about 50)
needle nose pliers

Start by taking your scissors and cutting down one of the outside seams of your chosen back pocket, creating the flap that will expose the inside of the pocket. 

Press studs into the exposed inner pocket.

Flip the shorts/pants inside out and make sure all prongs have penetrated the fabric. 

To secure studs, push all prongs firmly down against fabric using needle nose pliers.  Make sure no studs remain sticking out to avoid painful poking.

Et voila! These are still a work in progress, as not all of the exposed inner pocket has been studded, but you can bet that once they are completed they will be a serious summer staple! 

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