Saturday, June 12, 2010

Effortlessly Chic

(via Henrik Purienne)
Henrik Purienne's photos are some of my favorite!  Whether he's capturing effortlessly cool moments for Wildfox or shooting a fantastic editorial for Soko zine, the results are always natural and speak to my girliness.
  I want to send a big thank you and welcome to all of my new readers!  I have been checking out your blogs, and I must say they have been a major source of inspiration!  Please feel free to share your suggestions on how I can make this blog better.  Come back tomorrow for a new outfit post!
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  1. Effortless hotness from one photo to the next! I'm jealous of that girls bum ;)

  2. Wow - cool pics and pretty sexy too. Lovely blog (found you through The Clothes Horse). xx
    PS Hi fro Scotland!

  3. I enjoyed reading your blogs, you post some interesting pictures. I'll follow you if you follow me <3

  4. Henrik Purienne's pictures are always lovely, I like them too! Your blog is soo inspiring! Thanks for reading mine, it means alot :) :)


Thanks so much for the love!