Wednesday, June 16, 2010

A Storm Story

La la la, just taking some outfit photos.
Uh oh....what's that sound?  Tornado sirens!
Looks like a storm's coming! 
Here are some snapshots from yesterday when I was stuck in Bloomington due to the tornado!  Please excuse my lack of makeup and the absolute war zone that is my apartment room.  It is not being lived in over the summer so it is waaayyyy messy!
Sorry for the poor quality of these pictures!  They were taken with photo booth and my phone since I didn't have a camera with me.  And yes, I realize I am a huge dork for doing this, but I was determined to do an outfit post yesterday despite my lack of camera and the impending storm!  I want to send a big thank you to all of my lovely followers!  I so enjoy reading your comments and suggestions, it means the world to me!
shirt: vintage, shorts: DIY cutoffs, socks and loafers: target.

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  1. I love the socks and heels, it is absolutely adorable <3

  2. love the lacy ankle socks!


Thanks so much for the love!