Friday, July 9, 2010

The Boys of Paris Fashion Week SS2011

I am loving how adorable this video is.  But I must say, it made me realize how young all of those models are!  I mean, I guess I should have realized that if there are 15 year old female cat-walkers, then their male counterparts are probably just as green.  Enjoy!
I had to drive to Indianapolis today for a meeting, one that was conveniently located in the Nordstrom Cafe at Circle Center Mall.  I've officially decided that all of my meetings should take place there, followed by some serious retail lovin'!  I bumped into Caylee from If You Seek Style during my shopping spree, and it was so exciting to finally meet another fashion blogger!
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Truly yours,


  1. so nice to meet you! you're only the second person who's recognized me because of my blog, so it was really exciting :)
    sorry i couldn't talk that long; when they say H&M is fast fashion, they really mean it - SO busy all the time!

    i can't wait to check out your blog, and i'll be adding you to my links too.

  2. Just came across your blog! It is lovely!

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