Thursday, July 8, 2010


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I think I mentioned before that in the early fall months I will be going on a European adventure with S!  It pretty much goes without saying that I am SO FREAKING EXCITED...cough, sorry bout that.  I wanted to share some of the inspiring photos I have saved up that are only contributing to my uncontrollable excitement.  I may have gone picture crazy with this post, but I was having so much trouble narrowing it down to my favorites.  The last photo is a picture of love padlocks that couples attach to various gates, bridges, and lamp posts across europe.  I made one for S a few months ago, and I'm planning on leaving a few behind in our favorite stops on the trip!  We are going to Amsterdam, London, Paris, Nice, Barcelona, Granada, and all over Italy.  
 If anyone has any suggestions on things we must do, places we should go, shops I need to spend my money at, etc. etc. please please PLEASE let me know. 

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P.S. I just realized we will be in London for fashion week....EEPS! 

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  1. You are going to Amsterdam!!! Oh yes...lovely place. The good thing about the Netherlands is that basically everyone there has a fantastic knowledge of English. When you go to Amsterdam, you have to go to the Negen Straaten, if you like vintage. That is where all the great vintage shops are! I like Amsterdam but you might see some crazy things there, especially at night.

    In London you should visit Camdentown (aka. the Camden Market) where people sell tons of cute dresses, handmade accessories, vintage and great great food! You should also go see Portobello Market and Brick Lane. I have never been there but the hummingbird bakery in London is world famous for its cupcakes!

    Even though that might be a given....when you in Granada you have to visit the Alhambra! It is so so so beautiful and the greatest piece of architecture left over from when the Arabs once reigned in Andalucia. I have been to Granada twice but that was years ago, so I cannot really give you that many other tips. In case you like seafood you should try Gambas al pil pil which is a typical andalusian dish with shrimp boiled in oil - it is SO good. Or you can also try Spanish tortilla (which is an omelette) and traditional Paella. Watch out in Barcelona, most of the restaurants are over-priced and not very authentic but you can find good tapas bars there. On the Las Ramblas there is a really cool vegetarian sort of takeaway, where you can create your own falafel - so good!


Thanks so much for the love!