Sunday, March 13, 2011

Kate Moss, So Faraway

Remember a few weeks ago when I was obsessing over this incredible campaign that Kate Moss is starring in for Longchamp? {the green dress, I can't stop thinking about that amazing green dress!}  Well thanks to the ever incredible Vogue Influencer Network,  I can now present you with an exclusive trailer for the full-length film "Faraway", starring the flawless Kate Moss in the spirit of her collaboration with the iconic Longchamp.  That dress, the desert {my fav!}, and Nancy Sinatra's sultry voice all make for spring time perfection, in my personal opinion.  Enjoy, and thank you to the Vogue Influencer Network for making this possible!

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  1. i love the green dress as well! it's simply perfect. is it vintage or do you know who designed it? lovelove audrey

  2. I wish I knew who made that dress, I've been researching online but I haven't figured it out yet!


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