Sunday, February 20, 2011

If You Ever Did Believe

{via fashion gone rogue}
Something about this editorial from the February issue of FN magazine is so comforting.  Maybe it's the accessibility of it, the fact that I myself could pull off each and every one of these looks without looking entirely insane.  Maybe it has to do with the story; just a girl in her art studio, nothing overly complicated.   Once in a while, especially during the fashion week surge, we need a sharp jolt of simplicity, and I'm not talking about mnmlsm {hehe, see what I did there?}.  Cozy knits, a simple setting, tousled hair, jean cut offs, and those sea green bloomers...don't get me started on that color, it just works here.  You can almost hear the Stevie Nicks echoing through her studio!
I hope everyone had a lovely weekend! 
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