Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Road Full of Promise

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Happy Inspirational Humpday, loves!  Today we're going to get a bit serious, a bit personal, just bear with me here.  I want to talk about the relationship that exists between style and strength. 
 A few months ago things seemed to shatter.  Everything that I thought was undeniably true turned false, my sweet turned sour.  This was a new pain, a big girl pain, the kind that leaves you walking around with a gaping hole in your chest for weeks at a time, the kind that creates silent sobs.  I'll be honest with you, for a bit there, I gave in.  I succumbed to the hurt, wallowed in it, and let it envelope me {and I read Pride and Prejudice...three times}.  But after a few days I did something so seemingly insignificant that would turn out to be the single most impactful move I could've made on my path to regaining a sense of myself.  
I got dressed.
I put on the most ridiculously chic, seasonally inappropriate outfit I could assemble of rose chiffon, skin hugging satin, and sky-high heels and I wore it in bed.  Every day, no matter how terrible I was feeling, I managed to put together an ensemble that I knew made me look and feel good, and every day I felt the strength grow within me.  It is in this way that personal style is undeniably empowering.  It is a form of creative expression that serves as the armour to give us the strength to face the day.  Without style this incredible struggle, {which I am grateful for everyday}, could have very well eaten me alive.  I can't express to you how much I value the roll that my personal style and this incredible online community has played in leading me through this experience. I don't believe that there is a bounty of influences out there that could make a person so much stronger in the way that fashion has done for me.    
Thanks for listening, dolls.
Happy humpday :)
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