Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Scarlet Begonias Tucked Into Her Curls

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Happy Inspirational Humpday, dolls!  So today's post has just about the most obscure theme any post has ever had in the history of the blogosphere, all inspired by yesterday's events.  So yesterday I got my hair cut, just a trim and some layers, no big deal, right?  Wrong.  The hairstylist did the unthinkable...she straightened my hair.  She claimed it would help her touch up the layers, but I'm crying foulplay!  So as you can see, the ladies in the photos above are sporting some beautiful, slightly kinked locks in honor of yesterday's tragic events.  
Now don't get me wrong here folks,  I have absolutely nothing against straight hair,  I used to wake up 2 hours early, every day to straighten my hair!  But at this point, I do have something against not celebrating what you are blessed with by nature.  There is nothing more beautiful or sexy than confidence and love for oneself.
So today it's back to being a curly girl. 
Happy humpday.
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