Friday, December 17, 2010


{via UO, J. Crew, Sterling Style, Victoria's Secret}

Since my Christmas is probably going to look a little something like this, I have 0.0 reason to ponder upon a gorgeous holiday outfit {sad face}.  But, not to worry, I have been spending all of the time I would be thinking about ironically ugly holiday sweaters, planning out my cute New Years outfit!  My soiree ensemble will be built around the sequined skirt, a trend I could blame on Nanette Lepore or J. Crew, but will probably chalk up to my undying love for Bob Mackie.  The key to pulling off this look is to balance out the glitz of the skirt with a more casual top in a neutral color.  Ooooo, I can't wait to blind people with my bedazzled fit come December 31st!  

P.S. I have recently joined the Vogue Influencer Network, so look out for some great product reviews and sneak peeks at lines before they hit the runway!  Yippee! 
P.P.S I am having trouble figuring out where I found the first photo of the lovely girl with the headband.  If anyone can point me in the right direction I would be so grateful! 

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  1. Love the New Year glitter and the video! Your blog is amazing!

  2. i love sequins so much
    all the styles are great but esp i love the j.crew one

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  4. of course I will review them! thanks so much for the love!


Thanks so much for the love!